04. Layout

04. Layout

Specify general Layout options

In this theme you have many options to change the appearance of your shop. As always, you have to make sure that everything fits together well. We are also happy to help you there. The following options are available in the upper part:

  • Boxed Layout: This option activates a border. The shop is no longer full screen but indented
  • Select Header Style: Here you can choose between 3 different header styles: Default, Minimal and Center. You have to try out what suits your shop best
  • Activate Preloader: Here you can activate an animation, which is carried out with each page call during the loading time
  • Select Preloader Style: You can choose between different styles. Also here you have to try again which style is best for your shop

Activate Areas on your front page

The following section under “04. layout” lets you activate and deactivate the various sections on the start page:

  • Hero Banner: The Hero banner inserts a banner in the upper area under the navigation
  • Featured Boxes under Hero: Here you can promote 4 areas of your shop
  • Featured Products On Front Page: You can determine whether products should be displayed on your home page. The products can be set in the Lightspeed back office
  • Additional Featured Boxes On Front Page: You can promote 3 more areas of your shop
  • Time based Deal: With this function you can promote a category or a product of your shop for a certain period of time
  • Instagram Feed: You can link your Instagram account and show the latest photos in your shop
  • Brands Slider On Front Page: If you have brands with corresponding photos in your shop, you can activate these brands in the form of a slider on the start page
  • Newsletter: Activate and show the newsletter for your shop with this function
  • Activate Payment Icons – Footer: If you have set up payment methods, you can use this function to display the corresponding icons in the footer of the shop/li>
  • Animations: Activate animations for little sliding effects of some elements